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Punk Country Railroad

Declan / MA

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Hey yall! Sorry I dont post here very much. But I wanted to let yall know Ill be at Anthro New England again tomorrow! If you're in the area, stop on by! Ill be in the Artist Alley.

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School Boy Cat, free on my tumblr!

Hey ya everyfur! (SNORK) I posted School Boy Cat on my tumblr, here: So read it if you haven't, you, gosh darn gosh forsaken nerd!!!

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News Update - Now a furoticon artist, etc.

Just wanted to start by saying thanks to everyone for following my Weasyl account. I'm excited to say that after applying a second time, I'm now an artist for the Furoticon trading card game. It'll be a while before I start making work for them, but in the mean time I might be drawing nudey booby w…