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lol I give up on weasyl

It's just not active enough here. I'm moving over to FA, there will be a lot more art from me there! (there's already a bunch of stuff I haven't uploaded here!) Please watch me over there if you watch me here because I won't really be touching weasyl anymore unfortunately :< http://www.furaffinity.…

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Time to get more active

Alrighty, that's it. I love this website. I've been browsing it like CRAZY (it's soooo easy to have like 1000 tabs open in two seconds holy moly) aaaah. It's time to actually post my art. I do draw good stuff! it's just that 99% of it is traditional. however, I just got a scanner and I'll get a tab…

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Let's do an art trade!

I don't care how "good" of an artist you are. I've kinda had art-block recently and it would be nice if someone could draw one of my characters :3 We can of course compromise on stuff, like you can draw the character that you think would be easiest for you (for example, I am the best at drawing MLP…