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Prince_Vaxis / 33 / Male / United States

You cannot say you hate it until you try it.
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Weasyl seeming more appealing.

So I've been on FA primarily for over 3 years now, and Weasyl I've had as a sort of 'backup plan' in case FA goes completely bonkers, what with IMVU at the helm and stuff like that. But recently I've discovered another massive flaw in FA, namely the fact that they havn't even encrypted their pages…

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A Story About Earth

Let me tell you a little story. A story about a planet named Earth. We live on this Earth, and we have been for a very long time. It is our home, a small, fragile haven, soaring in orbit around our sun, within our galaxy, in the giant, seemingly infinite expanse of the cosmos. In this absolutely in…

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New artwork incoming!

Good afternoon, dearies! I've decided to start treating my Weasyl profile as just another FA profile. I've seen some pretty vicious competition between Weasyl users and FA users. Heck...I think even the actual creators of both websites have it in for eachother...I mean look at the 'contact info' se…