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HEY, turns out I haven't uploaded my art anywhere except twitter since like 2017 and therefore have NO COMPREHENSIVE GALLERY to direct people to!! So that's today's job, at least to get everything up without a description. I'm VERY SORRY for whoever gets notified for me because we're only HALFWAY T…

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Upload spam

Hey guys! Sorry about the HUGE upload spam just now! It's been a long time since I got to upload here, since I switched over to a new laptop recently. The more it built up, the less I wanted to sit down and upload it all, haha. But I'm gonna try and be more consistent with my upload schedule now! H…

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Clearing the air

Hi all! I'm just making a quick journal because there seems to be a lot of confusion about my affiliation with Stupidgecko Studios fursuit makers. I am NOT a maker at Stupidgecko, and I've never been involved in anything regarding fursuit making during my time there. I was their concept artist for…

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Project Piklopedia

I was listening to some Pikmin soundtracks the other day at 4AM and I've decided I'm gonna do something fairly big art-wise. I'm still working out the logistics for it, but it's going to be called "Project Piklopedia" I'm going to draw every entry from Pikmin 2's Piklopedia. I'm not sure right now…

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Heck, I guess I should make one of these year-summary things. It'll probably get a bit personal but I hope you'll stick around! 2014 has been a really weird year for me. A lot of good stuff happened and a lot of bad stuff also happened. I'm gonna start with the bad stuff so we get a nice gooey endi…

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Opening Game Grumps icon slots!

Hey all! I know it's been done to death probably, but I'm gonna open for some cheap Game Grumps-style icons! They'll be £2 base price, maybe £3 for complicated characters (lots of markings, complicated hair etc) You can find some examples here! https://www.weasyl.com/submission/820725/hey-i-m-grump…

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Important: Commissions

Hey there! To those who have commissioned me in the last few days, I'm just here to say that commission work has been put on hold temporarily. I'm pretty sick right now and everything I've tried to produce just looks like mush because I can't concentrate properly. If you'd like a refund feel free t…

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Bad commission practise

I guess I'm just rambling here, but I see a lot of bad commission practise around and it really, really irks me. When someone commissions you, they are paying for a service, and it should be your top priority to complete that service to the highest standard For example: Spending money before the co…

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WEH <3

I'VE BEEN GIFTED 3 AMAZING PIECES OF ART TODAY AND I'M JUST?? Speechless I guess?? I always freak out over giftart it's the one thing that makes me SO DAMN HAPPY because somebody took time out of their day to make something for me and just?? WHY?? ARE YOU BEING SO NICE TO ME I AM BUT A SIMPLE MEME…

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Profile revamp!

I decided to make a banner for my profile and holy heck it was the best decision I've ever made, it looks AMAZING now! Props to everyone on the Weasyl team, this site kicks ass~ In other news I'd like to think I'm settling into my new style as far as fullbody anatomy goes! I'm really happy with my…

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Oops I'm lazy scum

I should probably actually start uploading everything I do here instead of a select few uploads so expect to see upload spam in like the next hour or two of most of my recent stuff!! (If you're interested in my work and actually wanna see it all, check out monsta illustrations on Facebook where i'm…

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Hi everyone!

I've never been a big fan of journals but I figured it would be cool to introduce myself to Weasyl! I also have some rambling about commissions to do because I have a bunch of ideas floating around that I need to get down in text! My name's Geena, I'm 19 years old and live in the UK! I'm a pretty n…