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Poecat aka Aerokat / 44 / Female / Kentucky

Why So Serious?
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Where to find Aerokat aka Poecat

Where to find Aerokat aka Poecat aka Shadowpantherkat aka Cindy Ramey Email: My personal website: Weasyl: Deviant Art: Patreon: Tumblr: http://thepoec…

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Anthrocon and Comics!

Months go by way too fast! What the frig! It's July 1st already?! I haven't been posting too much this month... but thats because I was booking it to get comics completed for Anthrocon! I happy to say that I did get Hellkats 2 and Starfire Agency 6.5 complete! (The reason for the 6.5 on SFA.... the…

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Workin and Stuff

COMICS/ART: I have been quiet the past week+ ... Been like really working hard on getting Hellkats and Starfire Agency done for Anthrocon. Hellkats is almost done actually. I should have the pages all colored today. Tomorrow, they should be lettered. Starfire Agency is at the halfway point. I still…

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Updates, life, comics and in general

This is the last month that I will be getting income from Ringtail Cafe. (For drawing their Ringtail Cafe comics Pages) They are definately awesome people for keeping me up for 4 months to get this Patreon started. And Thank all of you for pitching in and supporting the comics! This last week was a…

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Yeah. Social HAHAHA

I am just not good at being social / updating people on what I'm doing... just because... well... I am doing the same thing every day XD A bit of a different thing happened yesterday. I spent most of the day trying to network my Mac Mini to talk to my PC Laptop. To save me time basically. I have fi…

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Ancient Aliens and Comic Pages

So yeah.... I need to talk more and be social online LOL. Those that know me, know that I am not much of a talker. I talk I guess... when I need to talk. Even when I am hanging out with someone... unless I am hopped up on caffeine, I don't talk too much XD I figured maybe I would start by talking a…

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A new beginning January

This is basically a copy and past from the art post that I just posted….. There is a whole lot going on right now. Some comics will be returning online. And I will be working on art full time. I am doing a very risky thing and quiting my job in January. I've already put my notice in and I am going…

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Society 6

So yes... Society 6. I don't know too much about it... other then seeing other artists putting their stuff up there. I figured I'd try out one of my images on some stuff. Someone told me the quality on the T-shirts was good. Like they with-held washing machines.... anyone one else ever get anything…

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The insanity

Hey peoples.... I got very busy there from working on some comic jobs, as well as getting Starfire Agency ready for a Trade Version. That is all complete now.... and so I started to get to work on setting up Nightshift for Trade. I was going thru all the pages, correcting things that I wanted chang…

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Starfire Agency Volume 1 ***NEW!***

Hey Guys! I Finally got the Starfire Agency books all wrapped up into a graphic novel trade version! Ringtail Cafe is publishing it and selling it on their site! They and myself will be also selling them at conventions! The Trade is a collection of the first 5 issues of Starfire Agency, and also ha…

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Adoptables to help with con expensies

I have a set of adoptables that need to be given to a good home! Once you win one these adoptables, they are yours to do with as you please. You can have the commissioned by other artsists, have their colors changed, have their sex changed, names changed, what have you. Adoptables located here: (ns…

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Custom Plushie Raffle (by Alexgoneloco)

This artist is doing a Custom Plushie Raffle! So just spreading the word. I think its work entering their raffle... cause yeah, who doesn't like plushies?

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Winner of the Raffle :3

Okie! I have drawn the 3 names from my coffee pot! And the winners are: Ref: Ref: Ref: I'll be working on these the next couple of weeks guys!…

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The Trading Post!

Copy and pasted from He has started up a Trading Post on the forums! Its a fun simple competition between artists.... well.. take a look at what he's wrote below.... Just posting this to get the word out and see if peeps are interested in it :3 I'll be participating when I can. Its a fun way to mee…

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Comic Progress and Anthrocon

I am still trucking thru with comics. I'm excited that now all SFA pages are colored AND shadowed. Thats always the biggest part. Thanks to felonykat for helping get the flat colors complete as I shadowed. Now all that is needed is text on those pages. And also the trade cover for SFA. Nightshift..…

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WIN a Freebie Image

Alright, I been seeing people do this and I think its a good idea to do once and awhile. As the title says, WIN a Freebie Image..... I will give out 3 Freebie Images by randomly choosing 3 people below (Head shot image). So. What do YOU need to do? Follow Me :3 If you already Follow me.. Cool! Comm…

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Get to Know me meme

What's your real name? Cindy How tall are you? 5'2" What's your natural hair color? Dark brown What's your eye color? Blue/Gray (depends on the light) What's your orientation? straight Are you single, taken or undecided? Married :3 What do you do in your spare time? Draw, draw and draw. What's your…

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Thanks! and Comic stuff!

I would like to thank everyone that has started following me and faving my art and being so kind with greetings ^_^ I haven't been able to thank everyone personally. But thank ya. I really like weasyl and I am going to make this my new home. I still use DA shadowpantherkat , but I will be posting h…

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Quick question peoples! How do I make user icons appear in posts!? Like I have tried different variations of ::iconpoecat:: But I'm just not getting it to work @_@

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Faving LOTS of People!

I am FAVING a lot of you guys that were on my FA account and I am terribly sorry for not saying anything and giving just drive by follows @_@

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Art Dump.

I apologize for the massive art dump. >_>