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A soft update

Hello! Just a little update on life situations; I wanted to keep doing inktober, and I have commissioners who're very kindly and patiently waiting on me; but my family had recently got my sibling out a really bad situation, and we've all been really busy trying to fix everything up for them as they…

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Taking Commissions! 5 slots per art type!

Hey! I'm taking commissions - I would really, really appreciate it if you'd commission me! Sketch: Headshot - $5 Halfbody - $8 Fullbody - $12 Ref Sheet - $20 Lineart: Headshot - $10 Halfbody - $15 Fullbody - $20 Ref sheet - $33 Colored/Cel Shading: Headshot - $15 Halfbody - $25 Fullbody - $30 Ref S…

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Taking Commissions! No slots, first come first serve!

Heyyy! Just in case you didn't see my art post, I am taking commissions! I'm open to anything as long as it doesn't violate my TOS. Here's the prices: Sketch: Headshot - $5 Halfbody - $8 Fullbody - $12 Ref Sheet - $20 Lineart: Headshot - $10 Halfbody - $15 Fullbody - $20 Ref sheet - $33 Colored/Cel…

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Commissions are now permanently Open!

Alriiiiiiight, I believe all my websites have my info updated... Now to make the official announcement! This is pretty simple - Instead of my bi-monthly (or is it bi-weekly??) schedule, which as you probably know I wasn't consistent about, I've decided to go Full-time - Whenever, where-ever, you ca…

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August 1st Commissions

Hey hey hey! Have you been wanting a Commission from me? Want something on the cheap side? Now's your chance! Rules are simple: Just go here: and read the TOS, then fill out the form and I'll get in contact with you! If I don't contact you within 48 hours, ple…

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Commissions are open once again if you didn't see my submission~ It's simple, really: Read and Fill in this form (, and I'll get to you! If I don't answer you within 48 hours, please message the email provided. This is new to me!</b Slots: 1. Open! 2. Open! 3.…

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Aaaaand Commissions Closed!

Heyo! Thank you to everyone who queued up -- But, I don't want to sit around with open commissions all the time anymore, so I'm closing this down for now until next time! Here's what's currently in store: Assiar Parlay Perry Solandra