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Summer 2017 Icon Sale

Hello lovely folks! This is just a quick announcement that I'm doing a special summer sale on icons! $15 bags you one of these neat halftone icons, full colour and designed to look great as an avatar!…

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Winter Couples Commission Sale!

Hello watcher-type folks! I'm doing a special commissions sale for the wonderful holiday season! Here's the deal: Sample! A picture like the one above, featuring a complex background has been discounted from $70 ($30 + 75% for additional character, +$20 for background) to $50! A picture with a simp…

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Hi there! You can call me Al. I just moved over from fA for various reasons, the least of which being really darn tired of their interface, and am in the process of getting my account all set up. I've uploaded some of the better stuff from my old fA account - there may be one or two more things I u…