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Pamiiruq Sorrell / 34 / Male / Sterling, MA

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Going to MFF

I'm going to Midwest Fur Fest! It will be my first time ever going to this particular con (and first time in Chicago). I'm looking forward to it! Can't wait to see all my friends that I haven't seen for a while. I haven't been to a furry convention since the beginning of the year with Furnal Equino…

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Artist to do clean headswap art?

I'm curious if anyone knows of any artists that would be willing to do clean headswap art, preferably of a more realistic style? I feel like it is weird enough that some might not want to but it also isn't common so I have to ask. I have an idea that I want to do with my friend Ness which I'd like…

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I'm going to Furpocalypse! I'll be arriving on Friday with bartonfox and will be rooming with zolarthezolf. Who am I going to see? :)

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My drawing skill (or lack thereof)

So, I realized that I get really discouraged when I try to do really clean, polished artwork. My skill is just not that great yet. However, my rough sketches actually aren't that bad and I can do much faster. So that I can get more used to drawing and actually feel a bit more satisfied in my work,…

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Back from Furnal Equinox!

Well, I got back safe and sound! It was a 12 hour drive all the way back home to Massachusetts. Quite long and exhausting. Well, let's try to recap. I left on Wednesday morning and stopped off at Rochester, NY. I didn't want to make the trip in all in one day. It would be too long and I couldn't ch…

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Furnal Equinox 2014!

Well! Furnal Equinox is just around the corner! I will be going and I will be fursuiting! It will be my first time fursuiting at a convention, and I'm excited/nervous about it. This is also going to be my first time at Furnal Equinox. Lots of firsts. I'm expecting lots of fun, though! :) I'll be st…

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Hello, Weasyls!

Hello, there! A lot of my friends are starting Weasyl accounts lately and I figured I might as well check this place out. I'm really liking this site design so far! To all my friends that I'm already following on FurAffinity: If you have a FA account that differs from your account name on here, ple…