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On Erotic Art in Pach's Gallery

After drawing 'Blue Loves', I feel like I need to draw certain lines when it comes to the extremely blurred line between what is erotic and what is pornographic when it comes to my own art and what I'm willing to draw or even post in my gallery - which is entirely up to me and I feel like this need…

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I'm nearly done with my queue from my last opening so I'm cracking open a few more hours! My new prices can be found here! New Protocol on Claiming a 'Slot'!: When you post to claim,, please specify the number of hours! Send me a note containing ALL relevant information, written and visual, of the…

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New Years Resolution

This year...I aspire to keep all my galleries updated without waiting a month plus between updates to some of them and to be more attentive to my journals on not-FA. And to post any raffles/updates in my life/yada to all of them. Because every gallery is important and loved and I need to start maki…

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Phew! That was fun!

Well, I've finally made a gallery over here! I kept hearing about this place and now that I've gotten to hop on over, the interface seems friendly enough for me to set up shop (and dump 2839028329 pieces into my gallery at once. I promise this isn't a normal thing, haha). I appreciate those of you…