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Project Comment

Project Comment (originally posted here) Everybody loves getting comments. Communication is what makes a community flourish! Comments can begin friendships and business opportunities! Everyone is arriving and excited to start watching new artists and to put their work out there for eyes who might n…

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I have a tumblr. C: A friend of mine (Velexane) introduced me to the joys and wonders of it, and I'm already addicted. I'll be posting lots of random stuff there, including WIPs, sketches, and random doodle. Also there's an ask box! You know I love random questions. http://pudgylittleowl.tumblr.com/

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Get to know me meme

Because I'm too shy to actually talk to people and this is the only way you're gonna find anything out about me. Stolen from drawhound! What's your real name? Azlyn. Used to be I was the only one I knew with the same name, but I've met a fair few others over the years! :3 How tall are you? 5' 5" Wh…