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want a little money? design me a dragon!

Yes. i have two dragons. And i wonder what their child would look like. So why not comission a couple artists. Male http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9756944/ female http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11590977/ Anyone?

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pondering about ds lite. gda sp. 3ds

I have a gameboy advance sp And a 3ds. Was thinking about ds lite as well(sells cheaply in a nearby shop) It would come with nintendogs. But my GBA SP plays old GB games and Gba games. While dslite plays gba and ds games. And my 3ds plays ds and 3ds games. Dslite would be bigger and easier to handl…

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Get to know me!

What's your real name? Marko Ahonen How tall are you? 180~182, been a while since i last measured, but a steady 6 foot What's your natural hair color? Dark brown What's your eye color? hazel What's your orientation? supposedly asking sexual orientation? Am Straight! Are you single, taken or undecid…

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Kids these days

Blocking you because you have a differing opinion. What a jolly people :D Well. Nothing new i suppose

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sexuality, relationships, and a tired brain ponderinv

While trying to sleep here. My brain tossed out a interesting question. Imagine a male dating a Female to Male transgender. Would that relationship be straight or gay? What would the other people think? Since biologically its a straight couple, they can have sex and even get pregnant. Can the biolo…

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portable music player

Hello people of W. Its me, your master and god. kidding. But anyway. My faithful Creative Zen style is on its last breaths. So i would like a portable music player. With 20 or more hours music playbacktime. Over 8gb of storage. Preferably real buttons. been looking at a sony walkman for 300 euro, i…