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I’ll always upload my work here, but I am most active on twitter / sometimes open for commissions there first. Follow me if you’d like! https://twitter.com/orcaowlart

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Come see me at CALIFUR + Commissions Open!!!

Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you know that me and Spikie are going to have a table at Califur again this year! It's a new, bigger venue so I am super excited!! We'll be at "Orca Owl Art / Orca Owl + Spikie" with a bright red table cloth! Here's a map of our exact location (the entrance to the Deal…

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Wondercon in Los Angeles (in one week!!!)

Hey guys, me and spikievstheworld at FA are going to be at Wondercon in the Los Angeles Convention Center this upcoming weekend!! (Friday March 25 - Sunday March 27). We'll be at table H32 in the artist's alley! We'll have prints, books, commissions, and more at our table! We'll have a bright red t…

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Monster Art Book: NOW ON SALE!

Me and Spikievstheworld put together a 40 page collection of sketches recently! We made the book for CTN and sold a bunch of them there, so now we're selling them here online too! The book is a collection of our best sketches and doodles from the past year or so and has some exclusive artworks in i…

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Hello (comment on this journal)

Hello friends, How are you? How is your day going, how is your week going? How has the past few years been, are you doing alright? I'm going to post more on here maybe, it's the least following I have of all my sites, so that's a good reason to post extra stuff maybe? (This doesn't make any sense)…

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Eeveelutions + Okami prints now on Etsy!

Hey guys! Me and Spikie are now selling a few prints on Etsy! Up now are our 3 eeveelution prints as well as my Okami print! More to be added later! Please check them out, and feel free to send suggestions for artworks we should put up in the future! Here is the link to our etsy: https://www.etsy.c…

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FA vs Weasyl

I'm curious how many people use Weasyl more than FA at this point? I know a lot of people are leaving FA to some degree in favor of Weasyl because of the recent events, but I don't have any idea as to how many or anything like that. It's hard for me to nest here as my following is much less here th…

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Is Weasyl worth it?

With the current downtime on furaffinity, I'm wondering if I should branch out and upload here again and if you guys think the site is worth it? I deleted my gallery from both here and nabyn about a month or so ago in order to focus more on deviantart/furaffinity, but I wanted to know if there are…