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Onic Wulfred / 31 / Male / Richmond, VA

A wolf with endless stories to tell
Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Open
Requests: Closed
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Back again

Oooookay. So I haven't been here in ages, and I'm surprised I recalled my password first try. Haha. With the way things are going on FA right now, I think it is prudent to keep my presence here a bit more up to date. I have always liked the layout of this site. I think its very effective. However,…

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The trick

I don't believe in tricks. Sure, people are gullible, so in that sense I'm on board. It's those things that people tell you are capable of "tricking life" that I don't believe in. Instead, if you look closely, there is advice to listen to, and observations to be made. You can learn so much by just…

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I must have had around twenty cups of hot tea today, in effort to keep my throat clear. It did nothing for my voice, but the honey soothed my throat and the liquids can't hurt either. So far I still have an appetite, which is a good sign. Guess I'll just sleep it off. Too bad this had to happen on…

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Can't be stopped

I'm two days into vacation and have a nightmarish head cold. Guess I'll be doing a lot more "relaxing" than I thought.

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It has happened...

The illustrious Fox Amoore has officially joined us here on Weasyl. Now is the time to put forward my greatest efforts to catch his attention with music. Here goes...

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Implementation of secrets

As I continue to push forward in my online endaevors, I realize there is a requirement I am not following which would aid in the achievement of my goals. Presence: the consistent activity online through submissions, comments, and other content is crucial to propagating my music through the fandom a…

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Finding all the pieces

After over a decade of development, I knew the time would come to begin writing the story that is dearest to me. During this time I avoided the journey, fearing I could never do it justice, but I now have two novels written and my excuses continue to decline in relevance. When I was eleven years ol…

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Not the grandest of introductions

With a bandaged thumb that makes mobile typing quite tedious, I will say a simple but heartfelt "Hello!" to all in the Weasyl community. I'm so glad to be here and take the opportunity to meet new mix of furries and make friends along the way. Cheers! :3