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The Prancing Skiltaire vs In N Out Burger

The Prancing Skiltaire (aka “The PS”) is a monthly gathering of furries in Southern California. This meet has been going on at the home of Mark Merlino since mid-end of 2005. I began attending this meet up in late 2006. Back then, small groups of us would walk down the street to the local In N Out…

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Manga For Sale!

All titles are $1 per book, plus cost of shipping. All of these books were pretty much bought by me or friends when I was in high school, we read them once, then they've been sitting on a shelf ever since. Photos: https://twitter.com/pretty_omi/status/463451852986941440 https://twitter.com/pretty_o…

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Vancoufur Meme

Hotel The main hotel, Burnaby Executive Inn Arrival/Departure Getting in Wednesday morning. Leaving Sunday afternoon Means of transportation Magical skybird thing! First time flying international actually! Sharing a room with Of course my Lucas, but also Karo and I think Silver Wuffamute Who do you…

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Rehoming plush

Simple rules: must pay shipping cost. Local pickup is ok too! Comment with your offer (If any. Whatever I receive will go towards my dental work). Highest offer will be accepted. Disney https://twitter.com/pretty_omi/status/432284584655331328 Other animals https://twitter.com/pretty_omi/status/4322…

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A smile worth sharing

I am starting a blog to detail my upcoming journey with braces and oral surgery to restore the functionality of my mouth, and finally have a nice smile! http://asmileworthsharing.tumblr.com/ Please feel free to follow, ask questions, give me your support, and share!

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Sexy Sex Meme

1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? A couple, sure 2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? All are good choices. I love those sleepy morning sessions as a way to start the day, but I love it in the afternoon when he gets home from work, and night time…

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Getting To Know Me Meme

What's your real name? Vanessa Names you go by? Vanessa, Omi, or Panda (close friends only) How old are you? 26 How old do you feel/act? 17 How tall are you? 5' 6" What's your natural hair color? Blonde What's your eye color? Hazel What's your orientation? Straight Are you single, taken or undecide…

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The flood is almost over!

Sorry about the submission flood, I promise I'm almost done. I just want to transfer over a bunch of my stuff, because I'd love for this to become my main gallery over FA.