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Commissions Open

Detailed Pricing Info Here: https://alpinehell.tumblr.com/commissions/ Time for intensive commissions yall I need to make up for lost hours at work because my boss thinks its funny to give me a 3 day work week lmao. (Its not funny actually) Gimme your requirements and you shall receive something as…

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Some Updates

i havent really touched my galleries in a while. ive added the most pertinent art from my tumblr for the sake of continuity. the best places to find me are my tumblr and twitter: http://alpinehell.tumblr.com/ & https://twitter.com/AlpineHell some patronage to my redbubble store would be much apprec…

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FURVILLA: Add me + Referral Link!

hey yall, furvilla opened its beta today! I signed up earlier. If you wanna play furvilla you should totally register through my refer link! I think it automatically adds us as friends too when you do. http://www.furvilla.com/register/226 And if youre already on furvilla, add me! I'm AlpineHell #226

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Urgent Help With Fundraising Still Needed

See my previous journal here with all the details and ways you can help: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/104918/emergency-commissions-er-bill-and-i-m-broke I still need very much help. Only 30 out of 2000 USD has been raised for my bill, and I really need all the signal boosts and commissions i can…

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Emergency Commissions: ER Bill & I'm Broke

http://67.media.tumblr.com/529ffee7f0b1778a72a6dd74b98df382/tumblr_o6jfk5Wf7O1r25puwo1_1280.jpg My ER bill from last month arrived for just shy of $10,000. The picture I snapped of it is linked above. I was uninsured at the time of treatment, which caused this bill to be so outrageous, and I really…

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Emergency Commissions

Hey all! I'm still taking commissions to help raise funds for some important bare necessity things. Art is currently my full-time job, so every little commission you order from me helps me out more than anything. I've had great luck and wonderful customers lately, who were generous and excellent to…

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Commissions Open!

I’m pretty broke, and need to afford a few bare necessity things, along with a rack arrangement for my reptiles. I’d really appreciate it if you all can help boost my signal! I am opening up 5 Slots of any type, send an ask or message to grab a slot for yourself or even a friend! Art really does ma…

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2 Week Lull, Commission Time

I've hit the last 2 weeks of my final academic year. I've had nothing but reasons to stress out and lose it lately to be completely honest, but somehow commissions are making it easier to cope. I'd like to draw attention to my beautiful and painstakingly put together commission info page here: {XX}…