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Nyashia / 27 / female

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
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Raffle Winner

People who entered the raffle and their assigned numbers: 1 Koro 2 Howl 3 Panur 4 Chenerah Gajaze 5 Artoochu2014 6 Ash Azazel Random sequence by Random.org (first number wins): https://prnt.sc/ro8pdc The winner is Koro, congrats! :3

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New price list, raffle, etc.

📄 TOS Update I added a few things to my terms of service. All changes are written in green. Please read them, if you consider commissioning me at some point: https://www.shukuamachweo.eu/files/tos1_1.pdf Also, from now on, before I start on a commission, I will ask each customer if they agree with…