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I don't use this site all...I'm sorry!

Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know that (as you've probably figured), I don't use this website much, and that's probably how it will always be. I didn't realize how hard it would be to juggle so many accounts, and since the stuff I post here is just kinda redundant, I just haven't been doing i…

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Please help our friend, if you can!

Hey guys, I just found out that a friend of ours just lost her husband, and is looking for help to fund his memorial services and to support herself and their children. If you can, please donate here: Or spread the word, please!! I know you guys are angels and some of…

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Reminder - Auction ending in -24 hours

Just a reminder - my charity artwork auction to benefit Micheal Morones and his family is ending in under 24 hours. Link to auction and details here:

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Please check out my charity auction for the Micheal Morones Recovery Fund: The initial auction is for a pre-pose MLP artwork, but there are more rewards if the bids go high enough! Please give it a look and sp…

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I'm in Cali! +Updates on Samus

So I'm in Cali now, I brought my computer because I need to work, but it also allows me to stay in contact with all y'all! So far I haven't done much, but I've made some plans! Including some airplane show thing, a motorcycle ride with dad (those are two very "dad" things, by the way), a visit to a…

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Samus is home!

I picked her up about an hour ago. If I may explain a few things that might be boring...when dogs or cats go into surgery, they are able to "knock them out", and then "bring them around" with medications. Rats can be "knocked out", but my vet doesn't like to "bring them around" with medications, be…

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Samus goes in for surgery tomorrow

So, I moved my rat Samus' vet appointment up to before I leave, though it makes my schedule...super tight, and possibly impossible, but we'll worry about that later. The vet suggests surgery ASAP, so she's going in tomorrow morning. Hopefully she'll be back home later that day...if not...uhh...I'm…

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The Micheal Morones Recovery Fund (PLEASE READ)

I'm sharing this link: Which is about a young boy who attempted suicide after being bullied for liking My Little Pony. He survived, but now suffers serious brain damage, and donations are being collected for his fami…

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Things we learned from tonight's stream!

It is NOT impossible for me to make a functioning racetrack after all! Samus (my pet rat) has a "lump". :( I'll take her to get checked out when I get back from Cali. People always tell me, "don't assume it's a tumor, it could be something else!" but anyone who has ever had a rat knows, it's always…

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Scratch that, no stream tonight

Something came up, but at least I was able to explain the situation for my streams for the future! I'm very busy right now, I work from home, so I work 24/7, but when it clears up I do stream from time to time, promise! Not much art (kinda shy with that) but lots of games. xD Sorry guys, but thanks…

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I may be streaming soon, so an explanation...

Hey guys! Some of you guys are new and don't know me very well yet, so I thought I'd explain something about a stream I might have in a bit! I do stream myself playing video games a lot, and usually, would chat via mic or have a "reaction cam", to keep it fun, but tonight (and often) I am going to…

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I know where you can get a free sketch bust!

That would be right over here! --> The lovely ChewPeke is being very generous to her followers! She's doing one for me, and she can do one for you! Also, if you could please tell me how to make a person's user name a link to…

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I accidentally my whole inbox.

I knew I was gonna do it, that "Clear All" button was just waiting for me to press it. So if you followed me, thank you! If you friend-requested me, please do it again! If you made a comment you need an answer to, please make it again! ...I'm really sorry! D;

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Sorry for all the art spam! D:

I was planning on only posting a few things...but I found all this old Kingdom Hearts stuff that I just love...and...I'm not even posting all of it, but I AM posting a lot of it. xD Sorry about that, guys! D: Hopefully you like Kingdom Hearts and don't mind, but if you don't...I really am sorry! x3