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Russia I am going to be in you soon!

Yes as of tomorrow I begin my journey to Moscow, Russia. I land in Moscow on Sunday and will be in the city until the following Saturday (21st). So any Russian pals out there that maybe want to meet me and laugh at my poor attempts to learn Russian and drink vodka, are more than welcome to :)

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Drawing hand broken after motorbike crash

[typing with one hand is hard] Got back from hospital today, last night during the wind and rain, I was riding to my parents house, doing 40mph on my motorbike, when a huge tree fell in front of me, I rode straight through it, smashing up the front of my bike and breaking my right (drawing) hand in…

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http://www.livestream.com/topdogcartoons http://www.livestream.com/topdogcartoons http://www.livestream.com/topdogcartoons http://www.livestream.com/topdogcartoons Gonna work on some commissions and then I will let you guys watch me do some animation on my short film, Crocodile Tears :D It will be…

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Get to know me: With a twist!

I've seen this little 'get to know me' thing making its rounds on Weasyl and I thought it was a bit too, CV like. So instead, why don't you guys ask me what you want to know, and I'll answer :D

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Hello new watchers!

So since posting my previous journal welcoming the small handful of new followers, I have since gained a mountain of new followers, so this hello is for you! :D I hope you enjoy everything on here, I will spend the next week or so uploading old art, and maybe throw some new stuff into the mix too,…

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For those asking about FA [lots of info]

It's strange that so many people still don't know what's going on, on Furaffinity and the stuff before that lead to the shit-storm it's received in the last couple of weeks. I suppose a lot of that is down to the FA staff removing posts about it and banning people who persist in talking about it. I…

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Hey new followers!

And old followers too! I joined ages ago but went a bit silent, university has taken up a lot of my time so i haven't been able to produce a lot of uploadable artwork :C You're in luck though! Because I have lots of OLD ARTWORK to submit here, so expect an influx of art XD I will try to be more act…