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My Friend is doing comissions

Hey my friend is doing commissions. She needs some help with paying for food and rent so like she opened omissions! Please check her out it will help a hell of a lot! http://korria1234.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-684188146 shes a really good artist Also she has a redbubble! it is here https:…

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Eh Still Got This Shit

I am working on two clubs. One is a Conker rp club and another is for OC Appreciation. http://tedizvsshc.deviantart.com/ is the rp club, and it has its own forum you can join linked on the about. http://ocappreciationclub.deviantart.com/ is the OC Appreciation. If you just want to join the forum it…

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Forums and clubs!

Okay So I Do Have Three Forums I Made. This Is To Just Have Fun. Click On The Name Of The Forum To Get There. The Links Are Attached To Each One. These Are All Still In The Works. All Help Is Welcome. We Are Setting Up A Wikia To Keep Track Of Everything. The Forums Are For OCs Only. The Only One T…

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Plodding along

Slowly starting to draw again. Mostly going to be sketches that will go on my story blog but I will have a lot of cleaned up stuff on there too as well as on here and a few other things I have to do. Err.......I also should do up a few other things like a few challenges to get my drawing muse back.…