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Oh boy..

I keep forgetting this site and I feel so bad asdfg I haven't really been drawing digitally all that often well just doodles nothing legit and that's very upsetting. It's gonna be harder since I got a job, it's telemarketing but it's something.

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I'm sorry if you're tried of these Journals but...

So apparently our lease is up. And we obviously need to renew it , but the Land lady wants it paid obviously up front the new rent. Not to mention we’re a couple hundred behind already. We’re okay so far with food and bills at the moment [I think we are I’m not sure] I’m still looking for a job but…

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Made a Teepublic Store.

https://www.teepublic.com/user/Catskull The shirts range from S-2XL [or 3XL if you want a male shirt.] They all start off at $14 for two days and afterwords it's $20. If you guys want to check it out. It only has two designs so far and hopefully I'll make more. ♥ Still open for commissions though! ♥

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Commission Livestream?? Maybe?

I was thinking of maybe doing a commission stream on Friday night? Like $4 b&w sketches or maybe a full color/shade pics for 8 or 10? Maybe I have no idea I'm just trying to find a way to make commissions. Input is appreciated!

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Commissions are -OPEN-

More info here ToS: ✪ I can reject your request if I feel uncomfortable with it. ✪ Once I receive payment and have filled slots I will start your commission.[In who ordered first and etc] ✪ If I do not finish your commission due to whatever reason, I will refund you. ✪ Once I finish your commission…

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I'm thinking about start some cheap commissions but I'm just a tad worried and apparently i'm too dumb to figure out how to work the commission selection here.

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Commission Emergency!

My friend vonder is in dire need of commissions, if you guys could help out or spread the word it would be great ♥ Here's the info

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Since art-trades didn't go so well, how about request. safe for work only. just leave a ref and I'll do my best ;w;

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SO UHMM...does anyone want to do some art-trades? I'll open four slots and see how this goes. Just OCs and FanOCs please uvu. 1. 2. 3. 4.

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Hey friends let's collab

I'm just in the mood to collab with you cool peeps, plus it's pretty fun. I guess if you want too you can reply to this or message me?? As in I draw and the other colors or vice versa :'D .I don't know if anyone would like too but it can't hurt to ask.

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Introduction Meme

All the cool kids were doing it :c What's your real name? Well I dunno if I should give you my real name but I'll give you the first three letters, it's Lee :'b How tall are you? I was suppose to be 5'6" but doctors say I'm 5'5" [idk how tall that is in CM ] What's your natural hair color? Dishwate…

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I'm going to try an be more active so..haha I dunno honestly just hope the site does good now uwu

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I keep forgetting about this site and wow I feel bad :'c. I only have a few pieces to upload due to my laptop craping out and now using the main computer.

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I'm so sorry

I don't know why I haven't updated this account since Weasyl is a pretty nice site. WELP THIS IS ABOUT TO CHANGE ♥

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uh oops

I'm still inactive...I am gomen

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I feel so bad not posting much here. I think it's because one I forgot and well at the end of this year I haven't been drawing much :c but I'll try to upload more works~!

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Welp I got some art spamming to do, or should I wait till November? ugh decisions OTL