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Launched a Patreon

https://www.patreon.com/njorunnsaga Its a patreon to support my tumblr comic thingy! Please feel free to help contribute! A link to patreon is above, and a link to the adventure is below! http://njorunn.tumblr.com/tagged/TBTLVWD/chrono

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Im alive!

First off, the new location for my adventure is tumblr since MSPA forums are down. Till I can figure out how to host my own website. http://njorunn.tumblr.com/tagged/TBTLVWD/chrono Second, I moved which took a week about... then PCs died for a week, so I'll be more productive in the coming days now…

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Everyone get the game. Now. Also, be prepared to cry through like 30% of the game. Unless you're doing a genocide run, then you're either heartless or crying through 100% of the game. Also on a side note, I'd totally just play a goatmom simulator where Toriel just reads me snail facts and makes pie…

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Apparently, this is a thing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epoch-Animal-Serise-Banana-Parakeet-Parrot-3-Cockatiel-Budgerigar-full-set-of-7-/111691259561?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1a01515ea9

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Follow the adventure

http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?59675-The-Beginings-of-a-Transdimensional-Lightning-Viking-Wolf-Demoness This is where Im spamming my little sketches. I'll only update the okay ones to weasyl promptly. The crappy little sketches will just stay there. X3

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Does anyone play wildstar? Im in here and thinking of making a furry guild called "Furry Overlords" X3

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I need to get my fursona drawn in a similar theme as this. http://i19.mangareader.net/a-fairytale-for-the-demon-lord/37/a-fairytale-for-the-demon-lord-4900201.jpg Except the monster tentacle hydra thing would be Njorunn themed somehow, of course. X3 And maybe on the bottom of the image having an un…

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Space Engineers?

Does anyone have this game? I'd be interested in building or whatever with other people at some point! :D