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DDOS Sanctuary

Well. turns out both FA an Sofurry are under DDOS attack. That is just frikkin A. Apparantly somebody (or a group) figured it would be fun to shut-down as they would call it the "furf*gs". I can't continue my commissions until the attack is mitigated which let's face. Can last weeks if the ones res…

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Let the uploading commence!!! XD

Yeah with last month's FA outage and slight decline in popularity ive decided to expand my Galleries on other respectable sites like Weasyl and Sofurry. So expect uploads. :3 its mostly older stuff tough which you can already view on FA <_< http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nighter3d/

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So here i am <_<

Well...Here i am on Weasyl. A may or may not start posting things here... i will see if i do. Any other people i know that are operating here??? It always feels so lonely when entering a new site. especcially with that submission system being...unconventional.