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Just Made An Account On Fursuiter.Net

So I've been thinking about this for a while now, from both suggestions by some of my friends in the fandom, and from the most recent review from Fur Media on Youtube about Fursuiter.Net, and I finally made up my mind and make myself an account on the website, to why not give it a try. I'll be uplo…

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Need Ideas For Fursuit Friday Pictures

As you may have noticed since this past Friday, there was no new Fursuit Friday picture. Well, that's because I didn't take as many in my last photo session. XD Anyways, since I'm TERRIBLE at coming up with ideas most of the time, I decided on why not make a journal so you all can suggest me of wha…

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Heads Up! Doing My First Twitch Stream This Friday!

I have been raging a lot at playing Borderlands 2 lately, to the point where I'm not really having that much interest in proceeding deeper into the game, which helps explain why I never uploaded the first one yet. XD Anyways, straight to the point! I've recently got OpenRCT2, which is a slightly mo…

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I Have A Feeling That Megaplex 2016 Is Going To Be BIG!!!

Just want to say real quick, I am not a part of the staff for Megaplex, and I am not a volunteer, but I just like staying up to date on my home state's fur con. So, I am absolutely blown away, that as of today, the new hotel for Megaplex, the Embassy Suites of Lake Buena Vista South is FULLY BOOKED…

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All Portal 2 Single Player Vids Are Up Now!

Yep, all 8 parts of my Portal 2 Let's Play in single player mode is now up on Youtube! Here's the entire list if you all would like to check out the entire series. The let's play series I did for Portal 2 did came out better than I expected! Part 1: https://youtu.be/jCdclqG5A0A Part 2: https://yout…

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Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays, & Portal 2, Part 2

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! Hope you all are having a good December so far, as well as a fantastic 2015, as the year is almost over. Looking back on this year, a lot has changed for me, as originally earlier this year, I thought it would be the same like 2014. HOWEVER, I really wo…

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Youtube Vid - Cabbit Plays Portal 2, Part 1; The Awakening

Happy holidays, everyone! I was bored last night, and my friend from Sweden decided to surprise me with buying me Portal 2 over Steam. So, I decided to fire it up, and start a let's play series on it. https://youtu.be/jCdclqG5A0A

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Today's The Blue Cabbit's 20th Birthday!

Yep! Just turned 20! And to be honest, it still feels like I'm 19. Odd, isn't it? Anyways, nothing too exciting going on for this year's birthday, however I did pick out a pretty darn cool cake while I was at Wal-Mart earlier that I will hopefully be taking a picture of it once I get the first slic…

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Youtube Vid - Let's Play TF2; UNLEASH THE MADNESS!!!

With the views, likes, and comments I have gotten so far from the first TF2 video, I bring you a second one of me going nuts in a Payload map. I think this turned out better than my first TF2 video. https://youtu.be/J7LVNj5_5jc

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Youtube Vid - Let's Play Test Footage of Team Fortress 2

I've always wanted to start doing some let's plays at some point in the future, and so, this video here is just me, doing my usual stuff on Team Fortress 2, texting out Xsplit, so I can get the recording system just right, along with the game's audio and frame rate, even though my current desktop i…

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Big News About My Future, Fellow Furs!

Due to a small illness I had over the weekend (don't worry, I'm fine,) and after fumbling with my camera WAY TOO MUCH to record the blog in suit, I decided to write this journal instead. Plus, it helps me explain things a lot more easily. So, if you may or may not have noticed, I am a HUGE nerd whe…

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Question For You All Out There About New Content

So, I've been thinking about this lately. Besides all of the fursuit related content, you all know that I'm an AviationFur, and just love the airline industry, and I was wondering what you would say if I start uploading more aviation content? I know not a lot of people in the fandom don't like plan…

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(Vent Journal) Thoughts On Hackers On Multi-Player Games

Alright, I rarely do these kinds of rant and vent journals, since you all know me as a very positive furry, but I seriously do need to get this out of my system. For the past week, I have been dropped-hacked, kick-hacked, or hack-crashed from the two online multi-player games that I play on Steam.…

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2015 Halloween Recap

I know I'm a bit overdue for posting this, but I finally have time to getting around to doing it! Real quick, I want to apologies if I bummed anyone out about canceling the Omegle session this halloween, due to the plans that popped up all of a sudden from my mother's friend, but hey, it was well w…

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Thoughts On Recent Rip-Off Fursuit Makers (Contains Swearing)

Okay, I have heard of this going around the fandom lately where costume companies, particularly ones out in China, are doing some false advertising with stolen photos of fursuiters in the fandom, being offered for like $100 to $300, with free shipping, but in return comes some shitty-ass costume. T…

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Jumping Onto Omegle Tomorrow + Some Bad News

Yep, I will be bouncing on and off Omegle tomorrow, and yes, I will be in suit. I just did a small test to see if my smaller headphones work just fine with the head on, since my usual laptop microhpone, people were complaining about how loud it was, so, I tried my smaller head set that has an attac…

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Missed Out On Megaplex 2015? (Megaplex 2015 Videos)

What? It's the best title I can come up with. Anyways, for those that haven't seen my videos I made while I was at Megaplex earlier this year, I'm sharing them here on Weasyl for all of you to see! I know, it's not the greatest of quality, but I did try my hardest to shoot it from an attendee's per…

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New To Weasyl, So Hi! (=D

Wait, I can add tags to my journals on here? What?! Ookay then... =P So yea, hello everyone on Weasyl! I had this account active for a month or so, but since I got bored tonight, since it's now 12:27 in the morning here in the Sunshine State, I decided to why not start filling this account up on he…