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The Failure of Weasyl.

Well, I'm leaving Weasyl. I'm not sure if this site is growing or not, but it doesn't seem like it is and I don't want to be a part of it nor do I come over here. My main page is Character pages - (Timothy, my chipmunk - NSFW content inside) haroldtuft…

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I'm alive still and other characters

My other characters are updated, Harold having a reference, Yerneley still not, yet for Yerneley I did an audio reading of Hard Pear and Pleasureful Freedom - Original Story Here - Audio Read Here -…

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Another over a year gone by.

Another year to remove all the draw user above yous and the Minecraft submissions. I said I'd do this and yet again the stuff I am doing is not getting the attention I'd like. It's now on TubJay's Tumblr page and that is where it will stay atm.

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Pixel and stuff info

Commission, Trade, and Request info will be provided on a request only basis - you note/question about it, I will provide. I thought it was about time to remove the submission since it's gotten nowhere.

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Looks like I haven't posted a journal in awhile. So here you go. Well, I usually don't ask for second opinions, but I guess why not. What would you like to see more of on this character page in terms of pieces? I'll make sure to pic out the ones I like the best and consider them, just consider them…

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Thinking of making this my main pixel page

For pixel-related works. It's been almost two years, I've submitted 25+ pixel-related pieces for free for a variety of different people and characters w/barely a single comment or favorite or commission, trade or even request on FurAffinity. So how do I even know they actually care for it? And I ha…

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Hello, sort of new person here - signed up yesterday.

Hey, I'm chipmunkboy92 on FurAffinity, NerdyMunk on Tumblr, and so on - more contact details are on this user page. I haven't migrated from anywhere, this account is here to show off my characters (yes, characters - I have one more to show hopefully very soon but communication between the reference…