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Neotheta / 29 / Finland

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Wohoo change of nickname!

Yay I finally got my nickname changed here aswell. I'm Neotheta now on DA, SF and here, on FA I have an alt account for redirecting too. Although I still don't think I'll be much active here, maybe I'll try again at some point .-.

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Woah what o.o

I've gotten suddenly lots of new watchers, thank you! :o Did something happen? Maybe I should try get some new content here sometime soon. @.@ -Neko

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So close now!

Only 20 submissions left to post up and then I've got my Weasl up-to-date! :D ...although I constantly draw new things so the number gets bigger 3': But what happens then? I guess I wont really know yet. It'd be super awesome to know how many of you exclusively follow me over here though And, what…

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Kickstart Krita: The free and amazing art application!

Just lately I've moved to use Krita for my art (as many of you have seen in my streams), and right now it's already amazing - but EVERYSINGLE DAY they are working on making it even better. The developers listen to all users about their wishes on the future tools and improvements. And almost everyda…

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You can tell when I have free time. I don't know how many artworks I uploaded in one go but it was many. I'm almost there! Just one FA page of drawing to go! Go me! (this is painful, why do I have to draw so much??) @_@ Also how do I disable these new popup notifications cause they're the size of W…

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Bugs asdkjgagjkljfdg

Can someone forward this to the forums cause I'm unable to log in over there, it sais first that I don't have an account and when I'm making one it sais the name is already in use. But anyways, layout bug:…

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Decision! C:

So I've come to a decision that I'll only post the proper pieces to this gallery (and perhaps some few very well turned out sketches), so if you wanna see sketches and silly things, you may want to follow me on FurAffinity instead (I was gonna make a tumblr for sketchy stuff but someone took my nam…

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Real Neko appears!

Heyheyheyyy, Was finally able to log in myself and oh god this site is slow and hard to navigate - need to spend some days thinking how to use and what to do with this account~ @_@ Anyways, I did some cleaning: removed some too old arts & journals & characters that didn't quite suit the overall con…

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Hello Everyone!

I haven't made an introduction journal here yet cause I've been pretty busy with school, live, commissions, comics and that, so here goes! Hello everyone, and thanks for all the comments, watches, faves and generally just if you're currently looking at my page <3 Aaand a little info about myself: I…