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NeosAnthroSoldier / 33 / Male / GB

"When your down get back up "
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i so forgot about this lol XD lets get uploading hey

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New Computer (inbound)

ok all due to the computer's age the one i have now i've ordered anew one (waiting for it to come) this is why ive been quiet for so long aswell as work im still and when the new computer has arrived i will be making pictures again thanks for your patience

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I've Moved here and calling this my new home

HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! i have moved from Furaffinity (or as its also called Fora******s) ive moved here and its a new beginning so with a new beginning comes a new adventure and i cant wait to see what is out there My name is Mark aka NeosAnthroSoldier im a 3d Modeller i enjoy working with 3D and fin…