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Update on Bucktober

I am, officially, finally, Closed. All slots are taken and then some. As a note I’m blown away by the support. I didn’t quite know /what/ to expect going in, as I didn’t do anything like this prior. But across all my socials everything has been great and I appreciate all the kindness, RTs/Reblogs s…

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Small Reminder for October

Just a small reblog as a reminder. Today is the last day before October, and thus, Bucktober. For me. Slots are still plenty available. only 5 out of 31 are gone. So feel free to message me about them via listed channels. Slots will be available through October still, but now’s the best time to pic…

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Bucktober and Current events

Been a hot minute since I tossed up a journal. Hope everyone is doing good, and if not I hope things get better. I'm personally hanging in there, and due to some hubbub lately I've changed up my plans for October. I decided to do a Bucktober thing, because it sounded fun. So I set it all up and it'…

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Post AnthroCon Stuff and Socials

Hey everyone. Just checking in here too. I've been far and away more active on my other socials (Twitter/FA/Tumblr). I somewhat neglect weasyl just because of time and interest. All my art has continued to bleed its way onto Weasyl with the exception of some NSFW stuff I've done lately. Which, whil…

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Page updates and other life stuff

...billion years since an update loloops Just popping in to provide a small update. The shorthand of it all is simply that I’m always around, just haven’t always had things to drop in with. Which I’m sorry for, just not everything I make I want to share (take that as you will). But- with that said…

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