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Wii U GET!

Treated myself to a WII U console for Christmas and birthday! You can add me on there if you want! :3 NeoXIII See you there!

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Get to know me better...

Being a Copycat on Shay and Achilles :3c We all know what we call you, what about the folks at home? What's your name? Since my real name is Neo, most of the people call me like that, some few still use my childhood name, which would be Dave. How tall are you? About 173 cm Natural hair color? A ver…

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Why hello there Weasyl!

Hello and welcome to my Weasyl page! Not too active here (since I actually forgot to set up my profile here) but now with the open beta I thought it would be nice to put at least a little in here^^ Uploads will follow soon! Greetings, Neo