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Mustang Revolver / 31 / Shapeshifter / Ninjaville, USA

'Cuz I am just a ninja like that
Commissions: Open
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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True Factss about the Mustang

What's your real name? Maximillian. Max is fine too, though How tall are you? 6'1 What's your natural hair color? Brown. What's your eye color? Brown. What's your orientation? Straight. Women only, for me. Are you single, taken or undecided? I am SOOOOOOOO happily taken. Colleen is the best thing t…

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Just a heads up: flood inbound

I am heavily updating my weasyl account. i have about 200 submissions to make, roughly. theyre being reuploaded from Furaffinity, where they were originally posted. I am neglecting the scraps intentionally since I see this website as a resume sort of, and FA is my dump bin. I will also be copying o…