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Gallery Clean Up

Okay... So, to facilitate my move of all my gallery stuffs from FA to here, I ma first going to clear this gallery as well. There is not much here so, should not be a pain like clearing my FA gallery was. But, it does mean I will be submitting a lot of work from 2013 onwards.. Do not get confused b…

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Move to Weasyl

So, making the final move over form FA.... just... done. Heh. Anyway, over the next little while I will move my latest stuff over in due time. :)

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Christmas Pinups $25!

Okay guys, been a bit since I've done any streaming... well... time for get back into it with a super awesome promo! :D Today and tomorrow. That is Sunday December 8th and Monday December 9th! I am doing single character pinups, full colour, shade, Christmas themed and experimental background for $…

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Well, after having this account for quite some time, I decided I should maybe begin the arduous task of actually uploading some artwork. I've begun this morning, and will continue the large project this evening after I return home from work. I will only be uploading my stuff from the last 12 months…