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Moon_Mochi / 37 / Female

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Been gone for awhile and mostly on FA still. Hard to go between all these sites honestly. I am currently updating prices and such as I plan to work on art more since I am out of school for now. I am also on Inkbunny, Deviant Art, and SoFurry. I've created a Trello, to show my queue for Art. I'll up…

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Done with FA

I am done! tired of seeing it go down several times, and now for a security reason. Planning on using this site more because I am seriously done. Now I have to wait til its not in read-only mode so i can delete and move. luckily I believe most of my stuff on there is here. -Moon Mochi <3 <3

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My art.....

Is only going to be for me now. I am no longer offering commissions. Thank you!

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I won't take anymore pre-orders after tomorrow, because well I need to prepare for AC. XD Visit the link and read the description on where to send info and make payment to. I will be in the Artist Alley Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! :3 <3

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Find me in the Artist Alley at AC15, and Badge pre-orders!!!

I got a spot in Artist Alley for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Gonna make some thing's in addition to art commissions. Make some simple business cards. I am still open for Badge preorders!!! See you there!! :3

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OPEN for Anthrocon 2015 badges!!!

OPEN for traditional art Badges for Anthrocon 2015 (Attending or Not). Please read the description for information on ordering a commission. Also open for other art commissions too, like Character References!! Badges - Other Art commissions - http://www.fur…

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Yea, like most, I will be transitioning here away from FA. If everything is true about the Art Theft through IMVU, I want no parts in that at all. So I shall be moving here, so eventually expect to see more submissions in the future. Til then I will be focusing on school for the most part right now…

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I am here

I've been gone for quite sometime. Mainly now because I am in school now for veterinary technology. With recent events with FA and some other sites, I feel I will be using this site more now. Once I get the time I will be doing a massive art dump, or I will post art up at various times til I am cau…

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OPEN for FWA themed badges!!!!

FWA Themed Badge Commissions are OPEN!!!! $11 USD per badge. Drawn on bristol paper, inked, colored pencil, marker, and watercolor. Lamination and clip included!!! FWA's theme this year is FWA University. Some examples: Varsity Jackets, Togas, Sports Uniforms, School Uniforms, Hoodies, Backpacks, e…

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I'm still here...

Feeling I am going to be posting more here often as I can. Gonna be uploading a batch of arts. Stay tuned. ;3 -Moon Mochi <3 <3

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Open for Commissions

For Traditional Art Commissions: Pencil Sketch $5 Additions to Traditional Art: Inked/Colored $5+ Background $5+ Digital Art: Lineart $10 Flat Color $15 Full Detail $20 Additions to Digital Art: Background $10+ Additional Characters $5 Per Character Digital/Traditional Character Reference $35 Addti…