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Elsie's ref is being worked on!

It's been over 9 years and this fox still had yet to get a single piece of art, so we decided to fix that this year. It was actually Elsie's idea to get the mouse a ref first, so she knew she was deferring hers for awhile. Hopefully by next year, we'll have some art posted for her. For those not we…

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More Original works, less reposting

I may be writing some more original pieces here sometime soon. Things are still rocky on my end, but slowly improving. I wonder what people would think if my new stuff was posted here instead of FA? Two other characters here will have refs in the near future, so look forward to that as well.

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I would post more stuff today but it feels like spam

I think two a day is rather enough don't you? I have a decent backlog, but I won't be porting everything I have over here. In fact, I want to use this as a more organized layout for my writings and eventual completed music. Who knows, I may even keep this page entirely SFW.

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Really liking this! :>

Everyone's been pretty friendly and all. But mostly, I'm just really enjoying being able to organize my own works more effectively. This site rocks! I wonder why nobody ever mentioned it to me before.

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I need to clarify this.

I do not do visual art. I have many images that I either commissioned from artists, or in some rare cases, was lucky enough to have been gifted. I am primarily a writer. I do short stories, novella, poems and prose, and more. I also have been playing piano and keyboard for over a decade, over 13 ye…

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Still No Drive

Nothing I've done or am doing is working. Still basically unable to generate my own content as of now. Still some stuff to come here because I have some commissions on the way that I'm hoping to see by the end of the year. But aside from that, I'm really not sure what I'll be putting here. We'll ha…