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Paypal for Rio Figure Open till Nov 8th

Sorry for the silence everyone! Been having a hell of a time getting my road computer to post anything! I think I've got a handle on it now, so wanted to say, first off, thanks so much to everyone who helped make the Rio Kickstarter a huge success! We were floored by the final totals and I'll be wr…

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Heading to Furpocalypse!

Ok peeps, this morning I’m heading out to pick up friends and head off to Furpocalypse 2014!~ If you’re not familiar, its a Halloween themed furry con held in Connecticut this weekend! (Oct 31st-Nov 1st) For more info, check out their site: https://furpocalypse.org/ I’ll be at the Club Stripes/Peac…

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Paypal now available for Rio Figure Kickstarter!

If you’d like to help our project but don’t have an Amazon account, consider a Paypal pledge! CLICK HERE FOR INFO: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studiocute/rio-full-color-vinyl-figure/posts/1024139 All tiers and costs are the same, and the totals will be tallied with the Kickstarter tallies.…

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Rio Kickstarter Update! 10K Goal Reached!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to write a quick journal to thank everyone for their support on the Rio Kickstarter so far! It's been crazy cool to see this all come together and I'm super excited we're going to get to actually bring Rio into being a fully produced figure! Now lots of people can have a Ri…

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Rio Figure Kickstarter has begun!

IT’S TIME!! RIO FULL COLOR FIGURE KICKSTARTER IS GO!!! WANT YOUR OWN? CLICK THOSE LINKS!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studiocute/rio-full-color-vinyl-figure https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studiocute/rio-full-color-vinyl-figure https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studiocute/rio-full…

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Wallpapers are GO! And AnthroCon 2014 begins!

Ok, everyone’s Pre-Order Peaches and Cream July 4th Kiss Wallpapers are off to them! The rest of you will be able to get yours through the shop link I posted! Now its time for me to get a shower, some eats and start setup of the tables at AnthroCon! Hope to see a bunch of you there! Take care all w…

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I will be at AnthroCon 2014!

As the title says, I'll be at AnthroCon this year! July 3rd-6th, Pittsburgh, PA! I'll be all working and junk at the Club Stripes / Peaches and Cream table, table # K02. The new Peaches and Cream Super Delicious Vol2 graphic will hopefully be there as will a bunch of new posters, buttons and maybe…

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Berry Bouncy Plum Donation Wallpapers sent!

Donators Wallpapers should be waiting in their email bins! (The email you used to donate with via Paypal) Thanks again for supporting me and the PnC girls peeps! It means a ton! AND… if you’re a donator and you haven’t received your email/wallpaper, send me a PM/Note/whatever with: Your name the em…

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Ask Jam Wallpaper Stream!

Hoping to start around 7:30-8PM tonight Eastern time, PA USA. You can find the stream here once it begins: www.livestream.com/luvpeaches Will be streaming new Ask Jam Wallpaper that you can take away from the stream in yo email once finished for a $1 or more donation! Hope to see you!