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Missy-miss-Missy / 30 / Female / Cholsey

I used to be known as Aspect.Tribal.Wolf (I am on FA still)
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Help needed ASAP

My Leopard Gecko Freckles has had a few operations last year and couple of months ago that she really needed and I had to get them done to save her life not due to me she's gets really poorly as she's a rescue. And I paid the vets off but they recently they sent me letter saying I never paid it but…

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Need help selling character

I have comic con this weekend raising funds for it I really do love this girl but I have 20+ characters and I just won't have time for her Would anyone be interested in this girl I'd like $50 for her she does of course come with art Her link https://www.weasyl.com/character/62661/kilakina

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Moving here and to FN

So guys it's time I said goodbye to FA I will be keeping my main account open on FA for commission info just in case none of the artist have moved but I'm fed up of it being down all the time. So I'll be placing some art on here but mainly all my art will be on FurryNetwork I'm sorry FA but it's ju…