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mikeray87 / 33 / Male / Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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It's been a while

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I last used or even browsed Weasyl so I'll try to be more active and post my most recent bought commissions when I've got time

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RMFC DA group

So I started this DA group http://rockymountainfurcon.deviantart.com and anyone can join but we're looking for anyfur that's gone to any of the past RMFCs and have pictures to upload into the group and if you have any suggestions on how to make the group better let me or an admin know

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RMFC 2015 Meme

I pre-registered on 07/05 and I'm sharing a room with 4 other furs so I may get the floor but I don't care I'm just really excited to be going again this year Where are you staying? At the main con hotel Who will you hang out with during the convention? Either with my roommates, by myself, or with…

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Meme taken from: carbyncopy Convention Name: Rocky Mountain Fur Con Website: http://rockymountainfurcon.org/ Transportation type: Driving. Hotel you're staying at: Marriott Tech Center Dates: August 8-10 Rooming with: xerxesshepherd, pistonthylacine, and carbyncopy Gender: Male How tall are you: 5'…

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Yesterday I pre-registered, I'm soo excited, this is gonna be my first con and a pre-birthday present to myself because the con is in August and my birthday is in September. I'm gonna be rooming with a couple of local furs and we're gonna be there all weekend, this should be lots of fun

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New icon

Because its Easter I've posted the bunny icon that I colored

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Happy Holidays

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the furs out there! :-)