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Amber / 33 / female / USA

Frackin' crack quackin' nutbunnies!
Commissions: Open
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What's up

Update time again! It's my sister's birthday today, hooray! So I'll advertise for her to, since she does such amazing artwork. If you'd like to see her realistic animal paintings and sculptures, click the following links: Website: DeviantArt: art-fromthe-heart Facebook: https://ww…

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Requests gone

By the way, I am open for commissions. > Not taking new requests now, thank you. If you missed it, sorry! I may or may not open them again soon. Depends on my mood. :)

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Requests (closed for now)

If you didn't get a request this time, dont' worry. I'll be opening them up again soon! Stay tuned! :D

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Civic doody

...I have jury duty March 3rd. Hooray. I don't mind having to do it. Everyone else in my family has done it (that's the price we pay for having a last name that begins with the letter 'B'). It's just that I have not driven for more than five minutes in several years, so... yeah. Driving has never b…

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Sorry for the lack of uploads lately. Due to work on the novel (WHICH IS ACTUALLY DONE-ish!) all I have to show right now are the older and newer fanart stuff, which I really don't care to post at the moment. So you'll have to wait until I get the time/motivation to actually finish something to see…

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Skechy Mood

I seem to have more time and motivation to draw on paper than the computer at the moment, so I'm sketching out random characters and creatures that pop into my head, or ones that I've had sitting around that I never finished. Some of them I'll probably finish digitally, but any that I don't I'll ju…

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Happy New Year!

...what happened to 2014, seriously?! o.O Aaaanyways, Happy 2015 everybody! I hope everyone had a good start to the new year, but even if you didn't, you've got a whole year so things are bound to change. :) Here's what I'm working on right now: The last half of my novel "Island of the Mist" needs…

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Commission prices changed, commissions on hiatus

Early happy holidays, ya'll! I've updated my commission page with NEW PRICES, in the description, so go check it out if you're interested. You can find it here >>> or just go to my Profile Page and there's a link on the right side not far down the page. I'll…

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No More Requests for now

I'm no longer taking requests at this time. Thanks for stopping in! If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! I don't bite. ;)

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Hey thar! :D Just wanted to let you guys know that, even though I'm secretive and shy and don't often talk about myself or what I'm doing, I don't mind chatting. If there's any questions you have for me, or you just want to talk, drop a comment here. I don't bite. :) What I am working on right now:…

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Readers wanted!

I could use some more feedback on the first chapter of "Island of Mist", so if you're interested in reading, you can see it here >>> Synopsis: "Life has always been easy for Sato, a quiet, sixteen-year-old farmer with casual aspirations of…

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Why the dust?!

So... have not posted here, or anywhere for that matter, in quite a while. Mostly because I have nothing to post! I honestly have not finished anything of quality in a while now, because of distractions. I've completed some Pokemon-related fanarty stuff, that I'm only posting to my DeviantArt page.…