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So, on my recent picture, I mentioned that I was going to get rid of some of these reference sheets. As I was away from drawing, my characters started to change. Because I've been through changes in my life. I would say that they are much more detailed than they have ever been. This means, I'm gett…

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Oh hi haven't posted here in a while

Whoopsie. How are y'all? I've still been drawing, but they're mostly sketches (nothing major) and, of course, college has been keeping me busy. Needless to say, I am not dead. I hope to upload some more art before the year is over, though! It's already October...time flies! And for those who had fo…

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$15 Dollar Pin-Up Commissions!

Hey all, I'm going to try offering commissions again with a different approach: themed commissions instead of sketches/inks/flats/etc, since I think this is easier for me to do. So, for this set of themed commissions, I'll be doing pin-ups ranging from Moderate (https://www.weasyl.com/submission/55…

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Character Design for Sale!

Hey guys! Previously, I mentioned that I was planning to sell some of my old designs. Well, here is one of them: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/156051/doki-makura I created this design because I wanted to create a second fursona for myself, but I wasn't connected with it at all. The design also…

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Updates (2/10/14)

So life happened, again. I have a job now. Right now I'm trying to reschedule a lot of stuff, which includes drawing. This is the main reason why I haven't been uploading as of late. However, I still make sure that I practice in my sketchbook. It's really nothing much; just random doodles. I create…

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Whatchu Know 'Bout Me?

Lol Lil' Mama Reference - Lyrics come from the song "Lip Gloss" It just really popped into my mind at the time What's your real name? The American version of my username, "Meranii". Try to guess. How tall are you? 5'4.5" What's your natural hair color? Black What's your eye color? Black Are you sin…

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What to expect from me!

Hey everyone. I updated my gallery with the stuff I had on FA around Nov/Dec of 2013, so now, I can actually start creating new artwork. Here's what to come: -Updated Profile Pictures of my characters for the "characters" tab (I have a second fursona now that I need to put up and a few others that…

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Everybody's migrating from FurAffinity to Weasyl again I see. Good luck. I'll wait until the flood is over to upload some of my stuff here.

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NOW OPEN for Sketch and Colored Sketch Commissions!

For more information, check out my post on the Marketplace forum! http://forums.weasyl.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?2825-Offering-Sketches-and-Colored-Sketches! You can even check out my commission information on my profile to see the prices. Inbox me if you are interested!

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Updates I Guess.

Well, it's been a little while since I posted a journal up here. Either way, here are my updates: School. Lots of school. It's been preventing me from doing a lot of drawing besides sketches and it limits my time with websites I like to visit. This is why I only upload drawings on a weekly basis. F…

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Well, this is a bummer.

Hey guys, I just want to let y'all know that I'll be trying to fix this computer to make it work like it used to. As I tried to manually find the viruses/spyware in safe mode, which has been making my computer slow, it affected the computer system labeling it as an "unauthorized change." SO, I'll b…

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YES YES YES! I've been looking for the "create journal" feature for HOURS, and I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! YAY. ...So, with that aside, this is a really cool site. I like the fact that you can rate your journals according to what kind of subjects you'll be talking about, and the option to favorite journa…