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AKA ProphetPizza / male

Commissions: Open
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Summer Sale- $10 Traditional Sketch Drawings

To commemorate a hard battle one over college and the upcoming summer, I'll be holding a special sale on $10 sketch drawings till the end of Wednesday this week. Just something to say thanks to all Who have shown their support during some rough times. Just message me with the reference of your char…

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I know it's late, but Happy ain't nothing new, RIP in peace this, last and next year's resolutions cause who are we kidding as long as bread sticks and Netflix exist we ain't changing no damn way...years. LMAO XD!!!

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Christmas Eve Stream

Im planning a Christmas eve stream for a little something for those with nothing to do. Ill probably start around 8:30 or 9 pm to Midnight christmas day. @

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Hey Guys [Update and Commission Info]

Hey Guys, Its been a while since I made a status and I wanted to be to talk about my long ass hiatus and commission status as of late. First of all I want say than you for sticking with me for this long Im very grateful, but I have to say school has been physical and emotional taxing on me. As a re…

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Back to School

On my way back to ATL for my senior year of college. I know I've been mega-slow with the drawings I owe people. They will be completed ASAP, but right now Im in the process of my move. Talked to you later. :3

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Happy 21st Birthday

Well I guess I hit the big 21. Seems like only yesterday...I was only 20. hehehe I guess Im suppose to take this as a new beginning sort of thing, and you know what I will. No promises or list of chores to report in this journal, Im just going to find a flow and go with it. Hiatus is officially ove…

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Come and see what I make...and stuff :3

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Thank you guys

Thanks to the patronage I some kind hearts, I can stay in my dorm for now. Thank you to all who commissioned me. So I'm taking down the poster and going to open up animated commissions temporarily. Again thank you guys. MatoDeProphet

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EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS Im in danger of being thrown out of my dorm room. So I’m opening up commissions for the time being in between my assignments for people who need some work done for a cheap price. Email me at to ask about commissions and I’ll get back to you asap. Thank…

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Things and Stuff and Stuff and Things [An Update]

Haven't been very active lately. Don't know if its school or motivation or lack of food but somethings gonna have to change. So from this point Im now reopen for commissions but until further notice I wont be doing anymore request or trades. I may have to raise my prices for my commissions but Ill…

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SMITE World Championship 2015

First day at the tournament and it has been fucking epic. The energy, the suspense is just overwhelming and it's only the first day. I hope Saturday and Sunday hold just as many surprises as today. Before I go, I have a question. Would you guys like to see some SMITE themed art or commissions from…

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Well...that was new

Well New Years is over, I'm hungover l, now I gotta look at reality's ugly face for another 364 days. My New Years resolution shall be : 1080p Happy New Years y'all

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Long Silence

Hey guys Ive been silent for a while now cause Ive been let out of college and I finally having a break and a chance to sleep. Anyway enough rest, Ill be posting and open for commissions again soon. thanks

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Ask me things, any things

Got anything you'd like to ask me, please by all means ask me. could be hows your day? or art related questions, whatever

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Commissions Slots are Open

Some commissions slots opened up to whom ever like my art and would like something from me Im able to take 5 more inquiries Here are my price: If you're interested, please don't hesitate to message or note me. I wont bite :3 Follow me here too: DA: http:/…

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RIP Kasey 2001-2014

Kasey, My beloved dog of 13 years passed this afternoon. Im gonna miss real bad boy. I hope they have plenty of bones and kibble where you're going buddy

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In light of the recent DDos of most of the furry art sites if you have to contact me please use these

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Commissions are Open

Hey guys, I have some open slots for some people who like my art and are interested in art from me. Here are my prices: Lineart- $5.00 Ex: Flat Color-$10.00 Ex: Cellshading- $15.00 Ex:…

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Come watch me stream for a bit

Im gonna stream some sketches cause I guess I'm bored. come visit and talk if you like

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$5 Lineart commissions open

$5 character Line art commissions are open. Please e-mail me at if you'd like a quick one. Ill do up to about 6 and NSFW stuff is cool too. examples: and

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Commissions are open :3

Im open for commission but since im relatively new to this Im only gonna start with 3 slots please if you want one please provide a reference source so I can work of it please -----Slots----- 1 2 3