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Getting to know me

Oh why not? What's your real name? David REDACTED Names you go by? DJ, though that one is so old school. ;) How old are you? 25 How old do you feel/act? 60, or 30, I dunno (sometimes I'm a despondent grouch, or a totally chill wannabe yuppy). How tall are you? 6' 3" What's your natural hair color?…

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My thoughts on the FA circus

Actions have consequences. Consequences have actions. Self evident (i.e. DUH) as those statements are, sometimes we forget, sometimes /subtly/ forget these sorts of no-brainers. That said, I can say with a high degree of confidence that the drama on FA has largely focused on the wrong issues. Every…

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Holy crap my last journal was from a year ago

Yeah, I've been on and off Weasyl tepidly at most. Now with the current bizarre situation developing on FA, its occured to me that simply assuming that FA will /always/ be the furry hub of the internet may be wishful thinking. Its not just that the head honcho of the site has brought in a couple of…

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Stories on Weasyl.... FIXED :D

Okay I figured it out. You save it as a txt file alright... and then you select the the dot for "other encoding." I thought that it wouldn't be in there, but sure enough, there is a setting, "Unicode (UTF-8)" That solved the problem right on the spot. Also, I'm glad that Weasyl lets me upload badas…

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Thats all!

Whew... *collapses* ... okay thats all the stuff I intend to upload, my Weasyl account is now up to date. I wanted to put in my older stuff for comparison and note keeping purposes (basically to remind myself of some older ideas that I need to get back to eventually).

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Creating a new account is exhausting

But I'm enjoying it. I should finish uploading all of the pics I want by tomorrow, but seriously, I'm tired right now... Now I have a feeling that this site is going to be a colorful exercise in organizing and tagging my stuff, but the level of traffic is very low, but oh well. Going through and lo…

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Trying to figure this out

Oh lordy I feel like I've just been given the controls of the Millennium Falcon... Um, pretty buttons everywhere... Well, my main issue so far is not with Weasyl per se but with my concern with deciding on which pics to upload and in what order. I don't see any functions that allow me to reorder th…