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Marik Law / 37 / Male / Ontario

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sees what day Friday is...puts on crash helmet and body protection, and gets his fallout shelter ready Come at be, birthday, prepared for your bullshit this year.

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(40K) Done Playing Chaos, Who Should I Play Now?

**RANT START WARNING They just teased that Chaos Space Marines were getting their own take on Primaris Marines and I my heart sank. I've been playing Chaos Space Marines since 2nd Edition, I love the faction and their crazy lore, but as of the last few editions GW has been breathtakingly lazy with…

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DJ mTrix Live!

Like electro house and progressive house? Have a tune in to my two hour live set, or join us in SecondLife at The Knot! Show starts at 10 PM EST. WinAmp Link: Windows Media Player link: Web: http…

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To my friends in the US...

...we got plenty of space up here in Canada, and Trudeau just increased our immigration quota. :) Some things you should know before moving to Canada... 1) No, we do not live in igloos and no, it does not snow year-round (unless you live in places like the northern Yukon or Nunavut). If you live in…

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Well, just went to my first furre convention at Furnal Equinox! Gotta say, after the first day jitters wore off I had a blast! Got a lift up with an awesome couple, Kalsis and Kirin. We had such a great time on the ride up that the nearly two hour drive to the con only felt like a half hour tops. I…

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X-Marvel RP Recruiting

While role playing itself has not officially begun yet, X-Marvel is now actively recruiting more roleplayers. It is a chat-based (IRC), turn-based role playing community with loose chat-based rules that focus more on the narrative than on epic loot or adventuring. We love character and story develo…

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Well, it turns out I have General Anxiety Disorder. I've been dealing with anxiety problems all my life, but I didn't truly realize just how much it messed with me. I apologize for any unintentional drama I've caused because of it. For those that don't know, GAD is horrible. It makes you anxious an…

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X-Marvel - Chat Hosting

Well it seems people aren't too keen on using alternate methods for chat-based roleplaying which has put me in the gun-against-head position of admitting defeat and using an IRC service. I'm not a fan of IRC overall due to its vulnerability, but I'll host a bot if that's what it takes. I'm looking…

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Upload Status

Well that does it for all my current furry artwork, virtually all of which are commissions or adoptables. Just a word of warning to my watchers that now that my furry section is out of the way there will be a large incoming flood of Sonic-style artwork.