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Marc / 28 / Male / USA

"Happiness comes by waiting and sleeping," right?
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Hey ya'll! I'm opening waist-up commissions for $15-$35 (additional props cost $3-$10 extra, depending on complexity)! You can view some examples in this folder here. If you're interested, please send me a message here, or email me at My Terms of Service are available behind th…

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New Wordpress Site

Hey all! I created a new Wordpress site for fiction fairly recently. Give it a look at: There are a number of stories up there about my characters up there if you're interested. I write about gay, trans orcs, elves, and other fantasy races in a world full of histor…

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Art-only tumblr blog! + Writing

Hey folks! I figured I'd post here that I created a blog for just my art. Unlike my weasyl gallery, it'll have everything from doodles to finished art, so if you want to see my rough work, check out: I also made a Dreamwidth account specifically for posting my written…

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Sorry for not being active, folks! I'm gonna try and be better about that. My main issue is that I like to reserve my best work for Weasyl, and I haven't had a lot of drive to make Good Stuff lately. I did dump some comic pages, though, and would like to expand on them, so we'll see where that goes…

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Gonna try and be more active here!

Now that more and more people I know have made the migration from that one site to here, I'm going to attempt to be more active and upload more art. That said, you'll probably notice a drop in "quality" since I'll be less picky about what I put here. :P It'll all be SFW, however--that will never ch…

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Featured Submission?

Is it possible as of now to change your featured submission to one of your choice, rather than your most recent upload? I can't seem to find the option anywhere.