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Dog ate poison and keeping busy.

So I forgot to post the 5th episode of Lacuna Blue, but I had good reason. On the 9th I turned 29 and was busy, the 10th I don't remember and on the 11th my beloved Kira found and ate an old Tomcat trap with a full green rectangle of poison. Remembering Shane and beginning to panic, i took her to a…

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Lacuna Blue; the new series!

So after two weeks of working on the new series, which I decided to call 'Lacuna Blue', it's finally ready to post! Here's the first of many, and one of the few that won't be rated "Mature". https://www.weasyl.com/~mantridbrizon/submissions/1664690/lacuna-blue-00-01

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A new sci-fi series upcoming! Title vote.

So, I finally decided to begin work on an original sci-fi/space opera series. I'm torn between calling it 'Future Unknown' or 'Razor's Edge'. If you actually read this and feel like throwing in your opinion, let me know which is better. Now, unlike all of my previous stories that I just made up, th…

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Mantrid has returned!

So, after spending nearly a week constantly riding my motorcycle through the countryside and power gaming (my only vices, as I don’t smoke, drink, use drugs or sleep around) I have finally started to feel somewhat better. Living my life is what Shane would have wanted, though it’s easier said than…

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A recent tragedy

I do not believe that I will be using FA or Weasyl nearly as much as I used too. Before I continue let me say that this is not some cry for attention or a plea to see how many people care. I have simply suffered a tragic loss and my priorities are elsewhere at the moment. My best friend and dog, Sh…

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Volume One Complete!

So I finally finished editing all of The Seventh Realm: Volume One! Only three more volumes and about 20 more episodes to go... Before I have to write the last book of the story! ^^ https://www.weasyl.com/%7Emantridbrizon/submissions/1629161/the-seventh-realm-complete-volume-one-episodes-00-to-15

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Elder Scrolls Fanfiction "Chimerical"

For the past few months I have made weekly/bi-weekly posts of a fanfiction based in the Elder Scrolls Universe, about 20-40 years after the events of Elder Scrolls: Online. I can't remember which because it's been a while since I wrote the pilot episode. The series is called Chimerical, and is an 1…