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MalGV / Florida, The United States

Make Something Out of Nothing
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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First KO-FI Goal Reached! | Only 3 Commission Slots Left!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to drop in and say thank you to everyone who has commissioned me so far! Thanks to you, I was able to reach my first Goal on KO-FI less than two weeks after posting it! LINK: This goal has to do with something big I've got planned in the ne…

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Commissions are OPEN! [Jan 2022]

Just what the title says! I'm open for commissions, but for a short while and my slots are limited to five. All information is available below: MY COMMISSION INFO HERE: MY EMAIL: , or you can comment belo…

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Gallery complete! Commissions will open tomorrow!

At last! My online art galleries are now complete, organized and up to date (except for my Instagram, but that doubles as a life blog so I'm working on it)! Either tomorrow or the next day I will be opening commissions for the first time this year. I hope to consistently offer commissions more than…

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Took the vaccine and here is my experience. [Second Dose]

Ok, time for my (hopefully) last report on taking the vaccine, and man do I got an update. (I plan on making forum posts about this here and on other sites since I think more folks should be informed about this.) So a few days before I was told by one of my uncles (who does a lot of research into c…

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Took the vaccine and here is my experience.

I'm back with a rare journal entry! So I received the COVID-19 vaccine and here are my symptoms/experience: the facility I went to was very well organized and everyone there was super helpful in getting everyone where they had to go and keeping us all safe. I felt very little if any pain from the a…

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Incoming Commission Changes

Hey folks! Second journal here to let everyone know that after uploading some of my better work, I have basically completed updating my commission prices and have finished setting them up. I'm not opening commissions up YET but I'll let everyone know when I open commissions back up. I'm just taking…

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New kid on the block.

Hey everyone who comes across this, I'm Mal, or Gwenevere and Gwen as my main 'sona goes by, and I'm an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and comic book author. I've been doing this my whole life and you can find my work on other sites like this one. I tend to hang out on other mostly art b…