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✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .✦⋆.✧° .*✦⋆.✧° . ArtFight 2021 is here! ▸ ◂ This year I'll be actively participating and trying to get out as many attacks as I can, so please DROP YOUR PROFILES IN THE COMMENTS so I can follow you! See my ArtFight…

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I'm back!

So you may have noticed I'm finally back after 9 months (despite me saying I'd only be gone 1 month.) This year has been quite crazy so I've had to step away from all this for a while, but I'm back now and better than ever! Hope you're all doing well, I'll be uploading more soon.

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Taking a small break

This one piece of art a day thing has been fun and all, but its been difficult to balance it with work and study. I've hit 120 days in a row, so I'm pretty happy with how its turned out. I'll be taking a short break, probably less than a month before I start up again. Lets aim for 200 days in a row…