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MalachiteTiger / Genderfluid (usually masculine-ish, whichever pronouns) / Nebraska

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Life and Commissions Update

--Still 2 $5 sketch slots left!-- Short version is unavoidable bad things like my Dad having surgery and needing help to get around, and a deadbeat landlord having to be threatened with a lawsuit soaked up most of my art time and even more of my mental fortitude for a couple weeks there. But now I'…

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Update on Commissions

--Still 2 $5 sketch slots left!-- A week of accursed migraines slowed me down, but they finally faded away tonight and I'm back up and moving fully. Hopefully at least a few of the sketches will be uploaded before the end of the week. Status: 1) Haru272 DONE! 2) Nanabi_Kitsune PAID 3) Nanabi_Kitsun…

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$5 Sketch Commissions! Only 2 Slots Left

--Only 2 slots left!-- I'm open for some super cheap commissions. $5 for a single character pencil sketch (with a bit of digital cleanup). Clean or mature (or downright pervy), same price. Half the price of an Iron Artist slot! Come and get'em! Slots will be open until I announce otherwise, so if y…