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Mad Lapine

Mad Lapine / 36 / Female / Ohio

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Nanu Nanu

One of my best tools for just dealing with things, I’ve found, is to turn to Gryffs. Many of us use it in order to grieve. We have customs that become as memorials to many of us. For lost friends of both the human and animal variety, for lost family members of the same…and even in memory of some ce…

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Hi, I'm New

I go by a handful of names—Nidira (Nidi to my friends), Harley, Roadkill/Roadie—but Mad Lapine is going to be the umbrella. It’s easier to keep track of everything that way, even the non-lapine characters. Now, let me preface this by saying that I am, by no means, an artist. Not in a traditional se…