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Still figureing out this site! If things look funny, that's why!
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Looking for One More Person for RF Room

Hey guys! Excited for Rainfurrest?! I know I am! I'm currently looking for ONE more person to room with us at RF! Here are the details and rules: So far it's me and and I want a max three people (Including me). It's $178.71 per person for the weekend and I like to get payment asap (I'm not unreason…

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Shitstorm Arven 2015

So this morning my mate let our dog Arven out and we always have to do a "poop check" because he's a samoyed dog and has 7" butt hairs, sometimes things... stay around. He fail to do this check and didn't notice our dog had diarrhea this morning... So he leaves for work and I'm still asleep and I w…

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Free Tail Raffle!

I'm entering to win a free tail, sure hope I get it! :D https://www.weasyl.com/journal/92785/free-tail-raffle In other news, I'm doing well XD Toodles!

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Hey guys! Loving Weasyl so far!

Hello everyone, transferred my stuff over from FA today and man do I love this site! I can add a rating to my journal and search through other's journals! How cool is that? I love the notification system, how people's profiles look, I could really get used to this! If I open up commissions soon you…