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lupeyroo / 28 / Fe-male / England, UK

welcome to my gallery!
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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I have decided to use my skype in a more business way! So if you would like to contact me easily to discuss progress on commissions, get quotes and recieve High res files easier. ADD ME! Username: Lupeyroo

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Weasyl Raffle!

Yep! so basically I need more watchers here on Weasyl to make it worth me posting stuff more often! Prizes: I'm offering 3 prizes in this raffle! 1 of which is completely free! :D 1st Place: FREE Bust/Badge like this: Example 2nd Place: 50% off commission/s from me! 3rd Place: 25% off commission/s…

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Lupey's Price Guide 03/20/15

Prices Seasonal Icon! £5 (Icon to match the season/holiday!) No examples yet Choose from: Seasons: Spring Summer Autumn Winter Holidays: Easter Halloween Christmas New Year Badge £10 Head & Shoulders for use as avatar and/or con badge Commissioner will receive 1000x1000 digital with name & and size…

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Coolections - you are doing them wrong!

people stop missing the point of collections!! have you even read this? "The Collections system's main purpose is to cut down on duplicate uploads of the same piece, so as to prevent unnecessary consumption of site space, and so the original uploader is guara…

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Forever Alone ;.;

Nobody watches me here! D: D: i have almost 600 on FA! im barely at 15 here lol sad folf