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Luna Starbright / Female / Utah

Commissions: Open
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New Streaming Schedule!

Hi everyone! Starting today I'll be starting a weekly streaming schedule for your viewing pleasure! I will take in-stream commissions, and then working on regular commissions in-between. Streaming will be from 11AM - 6PM every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as every other Friday, with an hour break…

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Good Afternoon from sunny Utah, everyone! Hope all is well for everyone. It's been awhile since I've updated, so I thought I would go ahead and post a journal to fill you all in on recent happenings. FIRST, a warm and welcome thank you to all of my new watchers! If you'd like to see the most up to…

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Update! Update! For those interested, I have opened a Patreon page! After recent events with Portzebie [He was let go from his job], we're using this opportunity to really focus on our art! Please consider pledging to either of us if possible to help us achieve our goal of being able to support our…

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Artist Info: Contact info +Livestream Show +Picarto Show Commission Information / Art Status You can status of commissions and queue at my Trello account Click here for Trell…

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Furry Fiesta, Fursuits, & Love

So I thought it was about time to update my journal to fill you guys in with recent happenings. TFF 2014 was INCREDIBLE. The hotel is just amazing, beautiful, and was well staffed and ran. The con staff (from my end) had their shit together as per usual, the layout was great, that Furcadia-esque ni…

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Hello! Get to Know Me~ :D

Many of my friends have filled this out and I LOVE STUPID MEMES LIKE THIS, so I figured I jump on the bandwagon and fill it out too :D What's your real name? Ashley. How original. /sarcasm How tall are you? 6'0" I'm an Amazon :D What's your natural hair color? Brunette / Brown S: What's your eye co…