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Lucha_Zephyr / 19 / Male (Trans) / none of your business

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idk what to title this

Apologies for the lack of content. Right now I've been drawing so much stuff like Pokemon, Brawl Stars, etc. Plus I've been going through some irl issues but for now I've gotten them done. Expect a huge art dump from me eventually.

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Hey, Zephyr/Pugsley here. For those who are wondering what’s going to happen to my FA account, I’m currently considering coming back there and moving accounts. Despite the dogwater rules FA has done before, however my interest in coming back to FA are heading high rather than coming down low. There…

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Back At It Again

back at it again at kripsy kreme /ref but seriously though, my name is Zephyr/Pugsley; formally known as Zephyr-Roo on Furaffinity. You may have known why I'm on Weasyl at this point, so let me explain from the start. You know these dogwater policies on Furaffinity, right? That's exactly what I'm t…